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Production is one activity that is closely linked to economic activity. Production is an activity that is done to add value to an object or create a new object so it is more useful in meeting the needs. From the above function, the production includes production activities as follows: what to produce, how much quantity of production, when production is carried out, why a product is produced, and how the production process and who is producing?
Through the production process can produce a variety of items needed by humans. The production rate is also used as a benchmark assessment of the level of prosperity of a country. So do not be surprised if every country competed - Competition increase global production to increase per capita income.
I think the production is very important in the trade because it may affect the level of demand and supply of goods. But keep in mind production activities depends on the needs and habits of calculating a country's production and revenues. Production can be done either individually (individual) and group. The person or party who produced the goods referred manufacturers. The production of goods or services. In general, the production has the objective to produce goods and services, meeting the needs, benefits, and improve incomes.
To produce a product, it needs sufficient capital calculation. Besides the quality or the quality of the product is also very noteworthy. But the product quality can not be assessed from the companies that produce the goods and services it alone but of the people who use the products manufactured. Therefore all products manufactured for consumers will rely more on consumer interest.

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