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Adverbial Clauses

Type of clause
Time clauses

These clauses are used to say when something happens by referring to a period of time or to another event

-          When
-          While
-          Before
-          After
-          Etc
-       I was missing you when you’re gone
-       Cindy is playing the guitar, while andy is sleeping
-       I always brush my teeth before I go to sleep
-       I always drink a glass of water after I wake up
-       etc
Conditional clauses

These clauses are used to talk about a possible or counterfactual situation and its consequences.

-          If
-          Unless
-          Lest
-       If they lose weight during an illness, they soon regain it afterwards.
-       We won't go unless he arrives soon.
Purpose clauses

These clauses are used to indicate the purpose of an action.

-          in order to
-          so that
-          in order that
-        He ate vegetables in order to stay healthy.
-       They had to take some of his land so that they could extend the churchyard.
-       The company conducted a detailed survey in order to gauge its clients’ views.
Reason clauses

These clauses are used to indicate the reason for something.

-          Because
-          Since
-          As
-          Given

-       I couldn't feel anger against him because I liked him too much.
-        Since he  was interested in movies, so David joined the PolyU International Film Society
-       As she wanted to practise her spoken English, Carrie regularly took part in the ELC’s Big Mouth Corner.
Result clauses

These clauses are used to indicate the result of something.

-          so...that
-       My suitcase had become so damaged on the journey home that the lid would not stay closed.
Concession clauses

These clauses are used to make two statements, one of which contrasts with the other or makes it seem surprising.

-          Although
-          Though
-           While
-       I used to read a lot although I don't get much time for books now.
-       Even though you are 13, you can’t go to that movie.
Place clauses

These clauses are used to talk about the location or position of something.

-          Where
-          Wherever
-          Anywhere
-          Everywhere
-           etc.
-        He said he was happy where he was.
-        Wherever there is music, people will often dance

Clause of Comparison

Adverb as is a clause which states comparison.

-          As
-        Johan can speak English as fluently as his teacher.
Clauses of manner

These clauses are used to talk about someone's behavior or the way something is done.

-          As
-          Like
-          the way
-        I was never allowed to do things as I wanted to do them.They also Answer the question , "How".

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