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Soal Toefl ( If Clause / Conditional sentensess )

Soal Toefl
( If Clause / Conditional Sentenses )

If Clause merupakan kalimat pengandaian. Conditional Sentence (if clause) adalah kalimat majemuk yang terdiri dari Subordinate Clause (depent clause) yang diawali dengan subordinate conjunction if beru[a condition (syarat) dan main clause (independent clause) berupa result/consequence (hasil). If Clause (conditional sentence) dibagi menjadi 3 Tipe, yaitu :

Tipe 1
Pengandaian yang situasinya benar-benar terjadi di masa sekarang, Ketika kita akan membuat pengandaian tentang suatu hal yang bena-benar terjadi di masa sekarang, kita dapat menggunakan pola kalimat pertama untuk pengandaian tersebut. Formulanya adalah:
If + Subject + Verb 1 + Object, Subject + will/can + Verb 1 + Object
Tipe 2
Pengandaian yang situasinya berlawanan dengan kenyataan di masa sekarang, Jika pengandaian yang ditulis adalah sesuatu yang bertentangan di masa yang sekarang, gunakanlah kalimat pengandaian tipe yang kedua ini. Formulanya adalah:
If + Subject + Verb 2 + Object, Subject + would/could +Verb 1 + Object 
Tipe 3
Pengandaian yang situasinya berlawanan dengan kenyataan di masa lampau, Jika kalimat pengandaian yang akan kita buat adalah sesuatu yang bertentangan di masa lampau, gunakan lah tipe yang terakhir ini. Formulanya adalah:
Subject + Had + Verb 3 + Object, Subject + would have + Verb 3 + Object

Berikut 25 Soal toefl if clause / conditional sentenses

Bentuk Conditional Type I
1.      If the player scores another goal, the result … a draw. (answer : will be)
A. is to be
B. will have been
C. will be *
2.      If you … I shall be very angry. (answer : don’t go)
A. haven’t going
B. don't go *
C. hadn't been going
3.      If Risa … on time, I will be happy. (answer : comes)
a. Come
b. Comes *
c. Came
4.      If Risa has much time, she will … you. (answer : help)
a. Help *
b. Helps
c. Helped
5.      If you … study hard, you will not pass the test. (answer : don’t)
a. Didn’t
b. Doesn’t
c. Don’t *
6.      If the game … good, I will … it. (answer : is - play)
a. Are – play
b. Is – plays
c. Is – play *
7.      If I … much money, I will … a new smartphone.  (answer : have - buy)
a. Has – buy
b. Have – buy *
c. Have – buys
8.      If she …. , I won’t be angry. (answer : doesn’t come)
a. Don’t come
b. Don’t comes
c. Doesn’t come *

Bentuk Conditional Type II
9.      … , I might borrow it from him. (answer: Were the novel his)
a. Were the novel his *
b. The novel were his
c. If his the novel
10.  If you ... harder, you would … the exam. (answer : studied - pass)
a. Studied – Passed.
b. Study – Passed.
c. Studied – Pass. *
11.  If my father … me a new car, I would be happy. (answer : bought)
a. Bought – Be.*
b. Bought – Been.
c. Buy – Been.
12.  If we … good, the coach would … us. (answer : were - choose)
a. Were – Chosen.
b. Was – Choose.
c. Were – Choose.*
13.  I would go and see her if I … you. (answer : were)
a. Was.
b. Were.*
c. Been.
14.  I would buy a yacht if I … a lot of money. (answer : had)
a. Have.
b. Has.
c. Had.*
15.  If he … lots of chocolate, he would … bad teeth. (answer : ate- have)
a. Eat – Had.
b. Eaten – Had.
c. Ate – Have.*
16.  My boss would … very pleased if I finished the job. (answer : be)
a. Be.*
b. Been.
c. Was.

Bentuk Conditional Type III
17.  If the boys had …. the bus to school, they would have arrived on time. (answer : taken)
a. Take
b. Taken *
c. Taked
18.   If I had …. you were coming, I would have prepared a delicious meal. (answer : known)
a. Known *
b. Knew
c. Knowed
19.  They would have played football if the weather had …. nice. (answer : been)
a. Be
b. Being
c. Been *
20.  If they had taken him to hospital earlier, he ….. (answer : Wouldn't have died)
a. Would have die
b. Would have died
c. Wouldn't have died *
21.  The game would have …. better if the trainer had …. a substitute in during the second half.
a. Become – Sent *
b. Became – Send
c. Became – Sended
22.  If Budi … me, I would have emailed the documents. (answer : had asked)
a. Has ask
b. Had asked *
c. Has asked
23.  If our team had … the match, they would have moved up in the league. (answer : won)
a. Won *
b. Win
c. Winned
24.  If you … an umbrella, you wouldn’t have got wet. (answer : had taken)
a. had taken *
b. had took
c. have took
1.      If you had …. to the meeting yesterday, you would have met Shinta. (answer : come)
a. Came
b. Come *
c. go

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