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IS IT DEMOCRACY Napoleon Bonaparte said; “The crown of France was rolling inside the gutter, I simply picked up it, and put on my head”

                IS IT DEMOCRACY
Napoleon  Bonaparte said; “The crown of France was rolling inside the gutter, I simply picked up it, and put on my head”. The religion and caste division amongst Hindu were being exploited by the invaders. British’s sponsored the  policy of  divide and rule while  politicians adopted a policy of the divide and spoil for their narrow gains  in spite of the fact that it may be a threat to the nations unity and integrity of our country.  Now nobody is looking forward to the vast problems of poverty, ignorance and disease.  The divisive it forces of caste & religion imbalances through  strong and resurgent  India.
Battle of Panipat and battle of Plassy were not fought due to such divisive forces on the caste line but they were  conquered by making ourselves slave to our destiny by different dynasty. Excellence and social equality with greater attention to socially disadvantaged minority group  was essentially required to be given pre- dominance to check up global economic scenario annual.  There is no leadership of extraordinary commitment and alertness as in accordance with the changing emergence of technological and intellectual impact on our society, but there is role entrepreneurs invigourous wealth creation through a radical change inn our character .  [1] Let us be confined to a classless society in which there may not  be any appeasement or reservation except the excellence in respect of our performance.  Unfortunately the traitors inside the country has provided still worsted shadow of darkness by an eclipsed sun.  The people of whole country was  suffering from a poignant pain of agony. The universality of which carries  in it a great dignity of consolation we have promulgated  the undesirable elements in our population coupled with corruption, cruelty, callousness and a complete disregard of public welfare, which  is flourishable poison in the air. With confounded speculation  of India’s starvation; a terrorist decade of oligarchy and anarchy having appeasement party politics as antithesis to creativity and potential, which has provided an obstacle to our inherited great stilled splendour intelligence with our super entrepreneurial spirit of cultural heritage to naught with intellectual apathy, I have risen to the occasion with profound bleeding at my heart to fight against compulsive gamble bent upon ascending our invaluable legacy providing to be caricature to our noble democracy. We the India’s having 15%of world population and 54% of illiterate citizens of the world are having only 1.5% of world income going down word trend in the list of exporting country from 16th place to 45 place with less them ½ of world to list traffic after 60 years of independence. Despite best ecological conditions and environment and natural resources we are amongst the 10th corrupt nations of the world. Scam of corruption, like Fodder Scam in Bihar, Harshad Mehta Scam, Cobbler Scam of Maharastra, Ayurvedic Scam in U.P., letter of credit Scam in Assam with 700 cases of corruption pending with C.B.I. is our identity. At least 40,000 criminal cases of kidnapping, murder, rape, gangsterism and Mafia Rule spreading the fear psychosis without having the printed proforma of F.I.R. and charge-sheet are the glorious instances in one State of Bihar, which is spreading the fire of greed and fears psychosis upon its people. About 240 public sectors enterprises by Union Govt. And 700 public sectors by the State Govt, are providing black hole in National Economy. The money guzzlers are extracting an exorbitant prices for Indian doctrinal socialism. The State of mobocracy in the strife of moral decay with facet of indiscipline, corruption and castism divisiveness with communal hatred, linguistic fanaticism, regional fancy and caste loyalty have provoked the conscience of patriotism. About 120 millions cases pending in the different courts without any probable disposal, within a considerable time period may further provide the loss of country’s valuable potential. 25 north country global phenomenon are having only ¼ of world’s population having 70/ of wealth, 80/ of trade, 90/ of industries and 99/ of finest and most advanced research centre are having their vast potential. They started giving  benefit of donation received through begging, but our country’s politicians have set up to regeneration of corruption through these donations. Thus keeping away from realities in allowing to perpetuate the corruption by dishonest opportunity and with calibre are ruling over the nation. State Govt. was spending Rs. 1,11,96,000/- during Miss. Mayawati chief minister regime on the security of V.I.P. [2] every month against whom the allegation of misappropriation of Rs. 5000 crores were levelled in one public interest Litigation which were published in News Paper. This is all just to provide and boost the political career by our politician.
The collusion Govt. of India and Govt. of U.P. having ideologically antagonistic with its alliance is a heterogeneous conglomeration of disparage and disparage interest designed mainly to hedge the power against interest of common citizen. Our thrust with destiny  as boosted by our leaders at the time of independence has now been scattered into pieces, sheltered into the extinction of hopes and abrogated and subjugated with the misfortunate scenario of our prophesier democratic set up of the Country. The doctrinaire ethics of democratic values and conceptual phenomenon of so called socialism and secularism being antithesis to social justice and religious sentiment has further deteriorated the very foundation of our country solidarity amongst the citizens. We have formulated utopian empire which is having no existence. This is on account of our character assassination which is resultant into a wild fire meant for destroying the very fabric of our integrity and existence. Can we claim to enjoy our independence.
Can we protect our nation from such anarchic situation. The answer convey the only recourse to be adopted i.e. the enforceable fundamental duties and strict discipline required to be implemented. Whether the army personnel deployed for protecting the Nation may not be assigned to fulfil the uphill task of providing a check to internal insurgency. [3] Can still we enforce the necessity of maintenance of the strict discipline required to maintain by the Army personnel and not be our leaders, who have taken over the command like a diplomatic monarch in our country. Let us examine some of the drastic problem which has become the root cause of erosion of the traditional values of our culture.
Political parties are gripped to below with the wind and bend with the glass. The collusion Govt. emerged at the state level
[4] The reforms, which Napoleon introduced, were long lasting.

keterangan : 
1. kata relative pronouns yang digunakan WHICH digunakan untuk menjelaskan objek kembali yaitu : a classless society 

2. kata relative pronouns yang digunakan WHOM digunakan untuk menjelaskan objek kembali yaitu : our politician

3. kata relative pronouns yang digunakan WHO digunakan untuk menjelaskan subjek kembali yaitu : the Army personnel

4.  kata relative pronouns yang digunakan WHICH digunakan untuk menjelaskan objek kembali yaitu : the reforms

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